Welcome to The Cozy Coastal Cottage!

Hello There! Welcome! I am sitting here writing this first blog entry from the dock of my house watching boats go by and fish swimming underneath. I am so blessed to be able to live on the water in sunny Southwest Florida with my boyfriend and my four shih tzus. Yes, you read that right, I have a pack of pups! ha! Feel free to call me the crazy dog lady but I just love them to pieces and can’t wait to share more about them. I wanted to start this lifestyle blog to share with you everything from home decorating to cooking in the kitchen, to sharing feel good messages to good books to read and of course all things cozy and coastal from Florida!

I recently learned the hardest part of any new adventure, project, lifestyle change, etc. is to just START! If my mom reads this ( which I hope she does as she might be my only follower, ha!) she will laugh as she knows I have been talking about starting a blog and an Etsy business for at least 3 years now… 3 years!!! Ridiculous, isn’t it? So here I am just giving it a go, trying it out, and making a START!

Here is my advice to you for 2017 ( it’s ok that we are already one month in, still 11 months to make something happen!) if you have been thinking about starting something new, DO IT! Now I know, not everything is that easy or even feasible, but you can start to make a plan of action. Write it down, hold yourself to it, tell others, just take the hardest step of all and Start!

So why after 3 years of all talk and no action did I decide to start this blog? Well, I realized all I was doing was wasting time just thinking about it. Thinking…thinking… wondering… doubting… thinking… it was as if someone was calling out Bueller? …. Bueller? I was absent in actually DOING what I wanted to do but just thinking and second guessing that I could provide content worthwhile to read. Sure, preparation and planning is key for any big project but there comes a point as I mentioned above you have to just start.

My goal is to share some of the Florida sunshine with all of you. Create a seaside cottage with an ocean breeze, sand in our toes, drinks in our hands, and good friends to share our ideas and inspirations. Once again, I  welcome you to the Cozy Coastal Cottage! We always have a room with a view ready and waiting for you! Come on down and stay awhile!

With Love from Florida,


PS – I hope you stay tuned for what I have to share with you! Remember, I have been thinking and planning for 3 years and I already have a giveaway in mind 🙂


One thought on “Welcome to The Cozy Coastal Cottage!

  1. Greetings from Cali! Love your blog and cannot wait to hear all of the ideas that have been percolating for those three years. Cheers from Cali ❤


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